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Fee Schedule
Fees are quoted in U.S. dollars. Fees subject to change.
Broodmare evaluation$200.00
General Inspection$75.00
Stallion Evaluation: Entry Fee$500.00
Three- and four-year-old test$200.00
Pre-breeding evaluation$50.00
Inclusion into studbook of previously inspected mares$100.00
Inspection late fee$25.00
Quality Test$300.00
Stallion Evaluation: Completion Fee$500.00
Active Membership$75.00
Active World Membership (outside NA without publications)$75.00
Active Comprehensive World Membership (outside N.A. and receive all SWANA publications)$95.00
Life Membership$850.00
Inactive Membership (publications without any other priviledges)$60.00
Junior Membership (under 21 years of age)$60.00
Upgrade Inactive membership to Active Membership$15.00
Online Ads 
Add a record of a horse outside North America$10.00
Website Ads$30.00
Other Fees 
DNA test kit$65.00
Export Certificate$45.00
Pedigree research fee$25.00
Replacement registration papers (check with SWANA for the cost of replacing a Passport)$125.00
Returned check charge$20.00
Transfer of ownership (Member Fee)$25.00
Add a record of a SWB imported into this country by its owner of record$15.00
Fee for PayPal/credit card payments (%)5.00 %
Studbook mare upgrade (all paperwork provided)$100.00
Studbook mare upgrade (incomplete paperwork)$200.00
Transfer of ownership (Non-Member Fee)$50.00
Registration for a foal (includes foal's DNA test kit and USEF Lifetime registration)$210.00
Registration for a foal (includes foal and dam's DNA test kits and USEF Lifetime registration)$275.00
Registration for a yearling (includes foal's DNA test kit)$285.00
Registration for a yearling (includes foal's and dam's DNA test kits)$350.00
Registration for a horse aged 2 years+ (includes foal's DNA test kit)$385.00
Registration for a horse aged 2 years+ (includes foal's and dam's DNA test kits)$450.00
Stallion (non-Swedish) eligibility research fee$75.00
Stallion licensure (annual – for approved stallions standing in NA)$200.00
Stallion directory listing (full page listing for stallions standing in NA)$100.00
Stallion directory listing (half page listing for imported frozen stallions)$200.00
Late Breeding Report (for each report filed after Sept. 30 of year of breeding)$10.00