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2008 Breeders Trophy Results
Swedish Sport and Breeding Championship is the event where the very best Swedish young horses, 3-6 years old, meet and compete in dressage and in jumping. Swedish bred winners walk away with the desirable Breeders Trophy award shared by breeders and owner. Top placing horses share the nation’s largest prize sum awarded. The venue is the grounds of Flyinge, the National Stud. Flyinge is the largest and best-known breeding station in Sweden and one of the world’s oldest active national studs dating back to the 12th century. The stud is situated about 15 kilometres from Lund in southern Sweden and was established in 1661 as a Royal stud by King Carl Gustaf X of Sweden.

Sweden's top young horses (a total of 650 horses) gathered at Flyinge, the National stud, to compete in jumping and dressage October 14-19.

Winning horses:

Swedish 3- year old champion, gaits:
My Princess (SWB), 04051673
Mare e His Highness 95153 u Numphaea 26677 e Nactus 854
Breeders and owners: Anita Rostner
Rider: Evelina Johannesson

Swedish 3- year old champions, jumping:
Oceanhill La Roche (SWB), 04051273
Mare e Leuthen In 825 u Roulette van Groenesteijn ET e Clinton
Breeders and owners: Sigurd Dahl
Presenter: Hanna Dahl

Swedish 4- year old champion, dressage:
Hohenstaufen II 1160
Stallion e.Hohenstein u Langata Dame's e Langata Express xx
Breeder: Hans-Günther Berner, Germany
Owner: TullMarerp Dressage Stable AB and Åke Björsell
Rider: Minna Telde

Swedish 4- year old champion, jumping:
Milwaukee (SWB) 04041899
Mare e Emmerton 1024 u In Action xx 26893 e During World xx
Breeder: Janet Ekström-Hansen
Owner: Westlife AB
Rider: Victoria Almgren

Swedish 4- year old champion, Eventing
Mocca SE (27) (SWB) 04043724
Mare e Saigon 1034 u Passion (27) e Palermo 661
Breeders and owners: Kamilla and Torkel Svensson
Rider:Therese Wiklund

Breeders Trophy winner dressage, 5-year-old horses:
Scharmeur (SWB) 1167
Stallion e Schwadroneur u Annie 27380 e Napoleon 625
Breeder: Lise-Lotte Ljung
Owner: Sund Paint Gård AB
Rider:Malin Rinné

Swedish 5- year old champion, dressage:
Wladimir OA 1138
Stallion e Flemmingh 95,106 u Flora e Flor Town 95079
Breeder: O. ANEM
Owner: Birgitta Kjellin ab / Stall André AB / Stuteri Stubbäng
Rider: Pernilla André Hokfelt

Swedish 5- year old champion, jumping
Fetcher N (SWB)1134 
Stallion e Feliciano 823 u Coritza N 27318 e Cortez 679
Breeders and owners: Anders Nilsson
Rider: Katarina Torstensson

 Swedish 5-championship and Breeders Trophy, Eventing
Indra (SWB) 04023212
Mare e Feliciano 823 u U Nella 24305 e Urbino 430
Breeders and owners: Bäcksorkars Farm AB
Rider: Malin Melin

Swedish 6- year old championship, Dressage
Yantuge (SWB) 04021777
Mare e Blue Hors Hertug u Damayantie (F. 2) 26017 e Master 850
Breeder: Anette Gullbrandsen
Owner: Anna-Maria Krawe
Rider: Ebba von Essen

Swedish  6- year old championship, jumping:
Matrix (SWB) 04021910
Stallion e Cardento 933 u Medusa 17,845 e Maximus 620
Breeders and owners: Charlotta and Jan Forsman
Rider: Maria Ingvarsson

Swedish 6- year old champion, Eventing
Sollozzo (SWB) 04021464
Stallion e Cortus 920 u Agata C 25903 e Ceylon 454
Breeder: Stina Heart Strain
Owner: Sara Algotsson
Rider: Sara Algotsson

Last updated on: 1/12/2009