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Acceptable Registries List
Non-SWB Mares
Foals out of eligible non-SWB mares and by licensed and approved SWB stallions are eligible for full registration. Mare eligibility status is determined on a case-by-case basis. Most mares with full registration papers of acceptable breeds (see list below) that can show a pedigree of at least four documented generations are eligible for Book I papers.This list is subject to review and change. Contact SWANA.

Non-SWB Stallions
Foals out of a registered SWB mare and by non-SWB stallion of an acceptable breed may be registered with Book I papers only if the stallion meets ASVH’s eligibility criteria. Eligibility decisions are made on a case-by-case basis only. Check with SWANA.

For eligibility options, see our Books and Registers.

JC Jockey Club
Gen. St.-B General StudBook (Great Britain)
Arabian Acceptable, pending inspection
France Stud Book the l´Angloarabe
Poland Studbook for polskt angloarabiskt thoroughbred
Great Britain General StudBook
ASVH Riksstambok for Swedish Varmblodiga Hästen
ADGB Allgemeines Deutches Gestüt Buch
Baden-Würt. Stutbuch für Baden-Württemberg
Bavaria Stutbuch für Bavaria
DH alt. DS Danish Varmblods stambog
FSF Finnish stuteribok for thoroughbred and half-breed
Han. Hannoverschen Stutbuch
Hess. Stutbuch für Hesse
Holst. Holsteiner Stutbuch
ISH Irish Sports Horse
Km. Ksiega Stadna Koni Malopolskich
Kwlkp. Ksiega Stadna Koni Wielkopolskich
KWPN Noord-Ned. Warmbloedpaardenstamboek (type RP)
Old. Oldenburg Stutbuch
Ost. Ostpreussisches Stutbuch
Rheinl. Rheinisches Pferdestambuch
Rheinl./Pfalz-Saar Rheinländische, Pfalz-Saar Stutbuch
SBB Stud Book Belge
SF Stud Book Francais (Selle Francais)
Trak. Trakehner Stammbuch
Westf. Westfälisches Pferdestammbuch
Other Studbooks
Gestütbuch des Hannoverschen Gestüt Redefin
Gestütbuch des Hannoverschen Gestüt Neustadt/Dosse
Gestütbuch des Berlin-Brandenburg
Gestütbuch des Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Gestütbuch des Sachsen-Anhalt

Last updated on: 5/28/2010