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Naming Your Horse

We cannot process the registration of an unnamed horse. Also, keep in mind that a horse's name cannot be changed once it has been registered.

You may name your horse whatever you’d like, but it must not be longer than 25 characters (including spaces and punctuation).

Many people follow naming traditions (such as paying homage to the horse’s bloodline by choosing a name that has the same first letter as the sire’s name) but those traditions are not required. SWANA also allows multiple horses to have the same name (* see the exception for stallion names below), but if you’d like to check whether anyone has used the name before, contact the SWANA Office. This will not prevent the name from being used in the future.

Just for fun ...
The 10 most popular filly names of North American SWBs are:

  1. Elektra
  2. Escapade
  3. Ariel
  4. Gabriella
  5. Aria
  6. Johanna
  7. Annika
  8. Pandora
  9. Contessa
  10. Savannah

The 10 most popular colt names of North American SWBs are:

  1. Gabriel
  2. Accolade
  3. Eclipse
  4. Preston
  5. Matisse
  6. Amadeus
  7. Ambrose
  8. Bravo
  9. Legacy
  10. Encore

* No two approved SWB stallions can have the same name.  If you think your colt has stallion potential, make sure he doesn't share the name of an approved stallion.  Otherwise, his name will need to be changed when he's approved.

Last updated on: 12/22/2008