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So You Want to Host an Inspection
If you’ve ever been to an inspection, you know that there must be a little something to organizing one. Well, truth be told, it’s a lot more than a little something; the combined efforts of the SWANA office, Lisbeth Bengtsson, our inspection coordinator, and the site hosts amount to a monumental effort undertaken on a yearly basis. As you may have also noticed, we rotate inspection sites, with some sites being visited once every other year – with new sites being introduced.

So, what does it take to host a site for a SWANA inspection?
  • The first consideration is to ask yourself if you have the time to commit to hosting an inspection site?
  • Can you make housing arrangements/hotel reservations for the judges?
  • Do you live a reasonable distance from an airport?
  • Can you arrange to have them picked up at the airport, ensure that they get dinner and settled into their housing?
  • Can you be sure they have breakfast the morning of the inspection, transportation to the inspection site, a table to use, a scribe to write for them, refreshments, and food for them at lunch?
  • Can you be sure that they then get to the airport on time for their flight to the next site?
  • Are you organized, so that you can arrange stabling for horses coming in, so that you can set the schedule of what horses are being presented when?
  • Can you do what it takes to be sure that horses that are to be branded actually do get branded (which means arranging for a high-powered blacksmith’s forge at least or some creative kiln-making)?
  • Can you comfortably ’front’ fees for the inspection? Swana will reimburse you for the judges’ food and accommodations.
  • Do you have access to willing volunteers to help with free jumping, etc.?
  • Can you do all this AND present your own horses, if applicable?
If you’ve determined that temperamentally, you are a good fit, the next questions concern the facilities. While the inspection site doesn’t have to be fancy, it does have to be safe and functional. Minimum facilities requirements include:
  • Safe stabling at a reasonable fee for incoming horses, which could include stallions, weanlings, and mares and foals.
  • A flat, confined area (a standard riding arena, for instance) where it would be safe to show horses at liberty.
  • Jumping equipment sufficient to create the requisite jumping shoots for 3-4 Year Test and the Quality Test (the 3-4 Year Test requires a 20m x 40m area, and the Quality Test requires a 20m x 60m area).
  • Facilities (bathroom, observation, etc.) to accommodate spectators and the owners of horses coming in.
Additional extras are great; anything that can add to the convenience and usefulness of the facility is wonderful!

If you think you have what it takes, you won’t be going it alone. Everyone in SWANA involved in putting on the annual inspection is very helpful, providing advice, recommendations, and guidance. So if you believe that there are enough horses in your area to host an inspection site, let SWANA know, so the possibilities can be explored.

Last updated on: 6/29/2010