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Studbook Mare Evaluation

Registered SWB mares and registered mares of approved breeds that are 3 years old or older and standing 154 (15.1 hands) or higher may be presented for inclusion in the Swedish Warmblood Studbook.

Offspring Inspection
Mares and foals do not have to be inspected in the same year, but mares will not be entered into the Studbook until their foal’s inspection scores have been recorded. (If the offspring’s inspection occurred prior to the mare’s studbook inspection, provide this information at the time of the mare’s inspection.) The mare’s offspring may be presented at any type of inspection, except Pre-Breeding Evaluation. The offspring must receive a passing score in order for the mare to be eligible for the Studbook.

Mare Inspection
A three- to four-year-old mare may be presented for both the 3-4 Year Test and evaluation for the Studbook at the same time. We offer a $100 discount for mares who enroll in both the 3-4 Year Test (or Quality Test) and Broodmare Evaluation in the same year (or subsequent year). If the mare earns a Diploma in the 3-4 Year Test, she will be eligible for Premium AB grading upon entry into the Studbook.

Mares must perform a basic riding test, or have performed the riding test in the 3-4 Year Test. For mares not able to be ridden, proof of rideablity, such as show scores, may be accepted. Contact the office for more information.

Documentation of inspection and show results of the mare and mare’s offspring must be provided at the inspection.

Only mares whose inspection scores are acceptable and whose registered SWB foals have earned satisfactory inspection scores will be entered into the Studbook.

Five characteristics are scored on a scale of 1 – 10:

  1. Type
  2. Head, neck, and body
  3. Legs
  4. Walk
  5. Trot

Studbook Mare Classes:
Class I 38-50 points with no single score below 5
Class II 35-37 points with no single score below 5
Class III 34 points with no single score below 5 (Refused entrance into studbook)
Class IV < 34 points (Refused entrance into studbook)

Read about the Studbook Mare Classifications.

Last updated on: 8/3/2011