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Older Horse Inspection

Registered SWB horses five years of age or older may be presented for inspection during a SWANA Inspection Tour. Older horses can attend a Quality Test (ages 5-10), Broodmare Evaluation, or Stallion Evaluation, or they can be inspected in-hand and scored according to the criteria:

Five areas are evaluated with a maximum score of ten points possible in each area:

  • Type
  • Head/neck/body
  • Legs
  • Walk in hand
  • Trot in hand

Older horses will be divided into four classes:
Class I 38 -50 points with no score lower than five
Class II 35-37 points with no score lower than five
Class III 34 points
Class IV <34 points

Class III and above registered SWB horses only are eligible for branding.

See the Fee Schedule for inspection fees. (The current fee is US $ 75)

Last updated on: 8/3/2011