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Stallion Evaluation
General Information
The evaluation consists of three phases: pedigree evaluation, individual testing, and eventually an evaluation of the stallion's offspring.

The individual testing consists of an evaluation of the stallion's pedigree, performance, exterior judging, and veterinarian inspection. Offspring evaluation occurs when a sufficient number of progeny are tested.

An evaluation that results in approval for breeding is considered complete when the performance test is completed, or if the stallion is to be evaluated based on his offspring, after such an evaluation has taken place.

CRB stallions in the USA have 2 years to complete their performance evaluation.

Stallion owners are required to report to the SWB Association all mares bred during the season as well as the breeding results. This information is used as a basis for fertility reports and registration of offspring.

A stallion is eligible for breeding evaluation under the following circumstances:

  • The stallion meets the pedigree requirements listed below
  • It participates in the individual testing when the stallion is 3-5 years of age, and for stallions 6 years of age or older, have achieved the required performance level appropriate for their age group.

Pedigree requirements

  • A stallion must be three years old or older and registered in the SWB studbook.
  • The dam and sire must be registered in the studbook and/or in one of the other studbooks recognized by ASVH.
  • The dam’s sire line must consist of qualified stallions (Qualified = 4 generations of evaluated breeding stallions). In the event a stallion does not fulfill the requirements, but descends from an unusually interesting bloodline and has remarkable proven competition performance, and/or offspring with unusual proven performance, the Licensing Committee can exercise the right to approve such a stallion for breeding in the SWB breed.

Exterior Inspection
The stallion’s height at his withers and his cannon bone circumference are measured and recorded. The five following categories make up the exterior evaluation:

  1. Type (breed-, sport-, and gender)
  2. Head, neck and body
  3. Extremities and the correctness of movement
  4. Mechanics of the walk
  5. Mechanics of the trot

Each category is scored on a scale from 1-10. A stallion must receive a minimum of 23 points for the first three categories with no individual score below seven.

Veterinary Inspection
Veterinarian approval indicates that the stallion has passed an inspection by a veterinarian approved by the Licensing Committee. The stallion, at the earliest age of 2½, must have an obligatory x-ray examination according to specific instructions and be found not to have osteochondrosis in the hocks or stifles. A stallion must not present any of the SH Board's list of defects. (Check with SWANA for list)

Performance test for 4 and 5-year-old stallions
Judging is in either gaits (dressage) or jumping or in both disciplines
"Dressage stallions" participate in a test of gaits under saddle with a private rider.
"Jumping stallions" participate in a jumping test under saddle with a private rider.

Jumping under saddle scoring is on a scale from 1-10 points in two categories
1) Technique and ability (HTF)
2) Temperament and general impression (HTA).

Jumping under saddle
Four-year-old Stallions: Course with 5-6 fences, well enclosed, consisting mainly of bars.
Five-year-old Stallions: Course with 6-10 fences, with at least one double fence.

Height and length of fences
  Maximum Height Maximum Width
4-year-old stallions 1.10 m triple bars 1.50 m
other fences 1.30 m
5-year-old stallions 1.20 m triple bars 1.60 m
other fences 1.40 m

The fences are jumped in succession according to the judge's instructions. At the judges discretion a stallion may be asked to jump additional fences. The maximum height and length of fences may also be exceeded with the rider's consent.

Older stallions (6 years and above)
The minimum requirements for a stallion to be eligible for a breeding evaluation based on competition results in jumping are as follows:

6 years: Check with SWANA for requirements.
7 years: Check with SWANA for requirements.
8 years: Five placings in 1.40 m national show as a 7 yr old
9 years: Five placings in 1.45 m national show as an 8 yr old
10 years: Three placings in 1.50 m international show as 8-9 yr old
11 years and older: Three placings in 1.60 m international show

The minimum requirements for official show results in dressage are as follows:

6 years: Check with SWANA for requirements.
7 years: Check with SWANA for requirements.
8 years: A minimum of 70 % in PSG as a 7 year old
9 years: A minimum of 70 % in Intermediate 2 as an 8 year old
10 years and older: A minimum of 70 % in GP

Note the requirements for dressage stallions have to be fulfilled twice (two shows).

Last updated on: 3/7/2008