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2007 Inspection Judges
Leif Nilsson
Leif comes from a family of horse breeders, with his father being one of Sweden’s most successful breeders of jumping horses. Leif learned the business of horse breeding, training and jumping at an early age. He consequently turned out to be one of Sweden’s top riders, with many successes in the early 80s. In 1982 Leif was ranked as the #1 jumper rider of Sweden, and in 1984 he won the Swedish Championship on the horse V65 Toto. Leif has a number of international merits and was part of the Swedish National Team for a number of years. Most of his competition horses were bred, born and trained within the family. His success brought him also a number of horses from other owners, most well known the breeding stallions Irco Marco and Cortez. Leif has always been a good trainer and rider of young horses, and has produced winners of RHQT´s and Breeders Trophy.

After an accident a few years ago, Leif is no longer an active competition rider, but is still a producer of good young horses. He trains and coaches riders, and is now in charge of the Swedish Pony Team in jumping. Leif is the head judge of jumping at the Swedish stallion tests, and he is a highly sought after judge in Sweden and internationally.

Jan-Ove Olsson
Jan-Ove has worked full time with horses for 25 years. He is very versatile as he runs a stallion facility; he is a breeder of dressage horses; he is a trainer and a judge. He has been a competition rider in eventing, jumping and most of all dressage. As a Junior and Young rider he was on the Swedish National team, representing our nation abroad. Competition has gradually given way to more and more training of riders and horses, and he now spends about 80% of his time as a dressage trainer and instructor, and about 20% as a judge of conformation and gaits. Jan-Ove was recently elected to the board of ASVH, where he will have special responsibility for the training and education of judges in conformation, gaits and jumping.

Some years ago Jan-Ove worked with the well known breeder Erik Nilsson, who has exported many horses to North America, most notably the dressage stallion Zorn. Zorn returned to Sweden under the good care of Jan-Ove during the last few years of his life. Jan-Ove has been a popular clinician in the USA, giving clinics in Detroit, Florida, and New Jersey.

Last updated on: 9/13/2007