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Getting Your Mare in the Studbook
If your mare is at least 3 years old, is a registered SWB or approved breed, and stands at least 154 cm (15.1 hands), follow these steps:

  • Mare Inspection
    Present the mare at inspection in the Studbook Mare category OR Present the mare at inspection in the 3-4 Year Test and pay a discounted $100 Studbook fee (if the mare earns a Diploma in the 3-4 Year Test, she will be eligible for a Premium AB grading upon entry into the Studbook). The mare must receive a passing score to be entered into the Studbook.
  • Offspring Inspection
    Present at least one of her registered, Book I offspring at inspection (in any category except Pre-Breeding Evaluation). This inspection can take place at any time. If it occurs prior to the mare’s inspection, provide this information at the time of the mare’s inspection. The offspring must receive a passing score in order for the mare to be eligible for the Studbook.
  • Receive Premium B or Premium AB Status
    Once the SWANA Office has received the mare’s inspection results and at least one of her offspring’s inspection results, she will be officially entered into the Studbook. She will be entered into the Studbook either as a Premium B or Premium AB.

See the Studbook Mare Classifications for information on how to get your mare upgraded to Premium A or Elite status.

Last updated on: 4/6/2011