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Pre-Breeding Checklist

  • Check the stallion’s licensure and/or approval status with SWANA.
    If it is a Swedish Warmblood stallion, make sure it is approved licensed for the year of breeding. If the stallion is approved but not licensed for the year, the stallion’s licensure will need to be paid. If the stallion is not approved at the time of breeding, read about the Books and Registers to see the foal’s registration options.
    If the stallion is not a Swedish Warmblood, make sure it is approved for breeding to Swedish Warmblood mares. A one-time $75 eligibility research fee will be assessed for non-SWB stallions that are not ASVH-approved and licensed. Foals by ineligible stallions generally qualify for Register C.
  • Check the stallion’s EVA status. Check with your vet if breeding to an EVA-positive stallion to assess the mare’s antibodies and her need for vaccination.
  • If the mare is a non-SWB, check her eligibility status. Non-Swedish Warmblood mares of acceptable breeds must meet ASVH’s eligibility criteria for the foal to be registered in Book I. Check with SWANA before breeding! For ineligible mares, read the Books and Register descriptions to see the foal’s registration options.
  • Obtain the Mare’s pedigree. The mare must have official registration papers showing at least four documented generations. (Extended pedigrees for registered thoroughbred mares can be obtained from the Jockey Club or equineline.com.)
  • Check the mare’s DNA status. The mare must have a DNA result on file with SWANA to register a foal.  If the mare doesn’t already have one on file, be sure to include the fee for her DNA test with your registration fees and documents.

Last updated on: 2/18/2010