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SWANA's Publications

Stallion Directory and Breeders' Guide
Every year, SWANA publishes a Stallion Directory and Breeders' Guide that is loaded with information regarding the inspection, evaluation, and registration of Swedish Warmbloods in North America. It also contains detailed pages dedicated to the approved and licensed stallions in North America, sections for imported frozen semen from stallions approved by ASVH, and lists of SWB diploma mares and studbook mares in North America.

Owners of approved stallions and agents for imported, frozen semen will be sent a packet in September with details, requirements, and photo guidelines for listings in the next Stallion Directory.

We started publishing the Yearbook in 2007. The Yearbook contains photos, news, and articles from the previous year, as well as tables of inspection results and year-end award winners.

Contact the editor.
SWANA publishes a regular e-newsletter that goes out to our members and subscribers through e-mail and is also available on our website. It contains articles of interest to riders, breeders, and trainers of Swedish Warmblood horses in North America, as well as show and horse news from around North America and Europe.

If you are interested in submitting articles, news or press releases, please send your material to the editor.

Inspection Tour Booklet
Several months before the annual inspection tour, SWANA sends its members a booklet containing detailed information regarding the upcoming inspection tour, the judges, the site locations, and the inspection procedure.

Last updated on: 3/7/2008