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DNA Testing
SWANA converted from bloodtyping to DNA testing in 2002. DNA typing of the foal, dam, and sire is required for registration. A horse only needs to be DNA typed once. If you don’t know if your mare has already been DNA typed, check with SWANA. Do not request a DNA test kit before you send in your registration documentation. Registrations are processed fastest if all materials and fees (including all necessary DNA testing fees) are sent in one package.

DNA Kit Procedure

  1. The test kit will either be sent to you in an email or through the mail in a standard-sized envelope. Instructions are included.
  2. The test kit is only for the horse indicated on the label. Please be certain that this is the horse you are testing! If there is an error on the card, do not proceed. Please contact SWANA for instructions.
  3. You will not need a veterinarian to collect the sample. You can do it yourself. Hair samples can be collected from the mane or tail. Grip 6-10 hairs and gently pull them out. Repeat until approximately 20 hair roots are obtained. Please avoid any undercoat. Affix hairs to the card at the indicated spot.
  4. Mail hair sample packet to VGL. No special shipping is required. Canadians will need to include an export certificate, which can be requested from SWANA.

Last updated on: 1/16/2008