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Stallion Owner/Agent's Responsibilities
Breeding Reports & Certificates
A stallion owner/agent must report all breedings to SWANA, regardless of the outcome of the breeding or if the breeding outcome is unknown.  These breeding reports must be received by September 30th of the year of breeding.  Additional fees will apply to breeding reports received after the deadline (The current fee is US $ 10). These reports should have, to the best of the stallion owner’s knowledge, correct mare and mare owner information. This information is used as a basis for fertility reports, registration of offspring, and helping us determine where to host inspection sites.

Stallion owner/agents have the option of either printing their Breeding Certificates and sending them to mare owners OR approving digital breeding certificates via an electronic signature. We recommend stallion owners send them out (or approve them) to all mare owners who have met their breeding contract obligations as soon as possible, allowing mare/foal owners to register their foals in time for inspection and to avoid late registration fees.

EVA Status
SWANA highly recommends annual EVA tests. The test results should be reported to SWANA. In Sweden, annual EVA testing is mandatory. Stallion agents for foreign semen should be able to find out the results of this testing from the stallion owner.

Last updated on: 2/18/2010